5 Important Questions to Ask Before Getting a Press Release Service

How many times have you worked with a press release service? Did you get your desired result?

If you’re not getting the outcome that you want for your PR campaign, it’s time that you pause for a while. Know the answers to these 5 important questions before diving in again and hire a new press release distribution service.

press release distribution

  1. What is your goal?

You may have heard this question a hundred times. You know it. You want sales, traffic and brand awareness, who doesn’t?

However, it’s not easy as that when you want to change the result of your next press release. Be clear with your goal. This should be consistent throughout the campaign.

Focus only on the most important goals that you want to achieve at the end of your campaign. Having too many goals isn’t effective. It can mess up your strategy and can set you up for a failure.

Concentrate on a fewer goal. Work it out. These will determine the type of distribution that can provide you result.

  1. Who do you want to reach?

After determining your goal, you also need to know the extent of reach you want to attain. Do you want to reach a group of online users, or do you want to reach different demographics?

You may want to collaborate with an online the best press release distribution review site that provides the specific type of distribution that your brand needs. For instance, if you want to promote awareness of your new online company, you may want to get an online distribution service only.

If you need to reach different segments of the audience, such as the media and a group of untapped online market, you may consider partnering with a newswire company that can provide you this. Discuss the type of distribution that an online distribution service offers before anything else.

  1. What is an effective press release distribution?

After laying the goal of your campaign, you need to picture out how a successful distribution looks like. Now you have to set the baseline or target for your analytics.

What are your target leads, traffic, page views, conversion, etc? Plot your target metrics. You may want to set an achievable number and a higher target to test your first press release distribution newswire.

Do not set too high standards that aren’t realistic anymore. You should know what your company and your partner’s capacities. Always set realistic boundaries.

  1. How long do you want to run your campaign?

After determining your goal, and the type of reach you want to achieve, you have to decide the length of your outreach. When deciding this factor, consider your goal and resources.

To know how effective your campaign is, you need to have a regular publishing of your content. You can’t track the progress if you’re only going to run it for a few days or weeks. You may want to send different format of releases to find which content provides the best result.

With your campaign, you need to decide how many releases you want to distribute in weeks or months. You also have to know when is the best time to publish your releases that can provide you the best outcome.

  1. How will you track the result?

Before dealing with any press service, discuss how they can give you reports about the performance of your release.  Let them know that you want to get the information regarding the engagement, visibility, the type of reach and the links in your releases.

It’s very important that you discuss your goals prior to the campaign. This is critically important, so they can help you achieve it effectively.

Discussing the metrics is important to keep them aware that you know what to expect on the campaign. Keep your communication open with the digital press company throughout the process.

Keeping the line open can increase the effectiveness of your release campaign. Keep in mind that every campaign is an investment. Do your best to plan everything well before executing the outreach.